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"Without the teaching, guidance and inspiration of Ira Zepp,
Common Ground on the Hill could not, nor would not have been created."

- Walt Michael, Founder

Pedagogy of the Heart: A Teacher’s Credo

​​by Ira G. Zepp
Edited by Laanna Carrasco
Illustrated by Ellen Elmes

Author of a dozen books, Ira Zepp published Pedagogy of the Heart in the spring of 2009. It explores diverse definitions of the art of teaching and examines the intimacy of human relationships in pursuit of wisdom. Pedagogy of the Heart is underwritten by former student and longtime colleague, Harvard Professor David Carrasco, Class of 1967, and is illustrated by another former student, Ellen Von Dehsen Elmes, Class of 1969, whose mural celebrates the lives of Ira and Mary Zepp and currently is displayed in Hoover Library.

“For those of you whose gaze falls upon these pages, we the friends and students of Ira Zepp want you to know that for us he is indeed ‘this incomparable man’ who both teaches and lives his credo, his pedagogy of the heart.  Our gratitude for his loving example is very deep and we enthusiastically take up the responsibility of carrying his legacy as a teacher into the future.”  
From Foreword by David Carrasco.

Pedagogy of the Heart is available through the McDaniel College Bookstore.
Call 410-857-2277 for more information.

Prayer as Ballast, Rudder and Sail: A Collection of Prayers

By Ira G. Zepp
Introduction by David L. Carrasco
​Ira Zepp published Prayer as Ballast, Rudder and Sail: A Collection of Prayers in the spring of 2002. This collection of prayers reflect Ira's guiding presence on campus and community throughout his extraordinary teaching career.

“The Beloved Community, a religious and national ideal inspired by the life and teaching of Martin Luther King, Jr., called for ALL PEOPLE, regardless of background, to live together in harmony, justice and peace.  This goal is increasingly a reality on our campus by way of a more inclusive staff and student body. The most recent expression of the Beloved Community at the College is Common ground on the Hill, whose purpose is to seek unity in our diversity through the expression of all forms of traditional art and music.”  
Ira G. Zepp  (from cover notes)

Prayer as Ballast, Rudder and Sail is available through Common Ground on the Hill
Call 410-857-2771 for more information.

Further inquiries can be directed to the Common Ground on the Hill office.