Gallery Talks

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Gallery Talks: Monday through Friday at 6:30 PM Eastern Time. FREE

Facilitated by Visual Arts Director Linda Van Hart. Visual artists include:

WEEK 1 Artists

MONDAY: 2-Dimensional Art Forms with Janet Kozachek ~ Gong Bi Drawing; Ken Ecker ~ Figure Drawing; John Hampshire ~ Portrait Painting; Linda Harrison-Parsons ~ Mixed Media

TUESDAY: 3-Dimensional Art Forms with Nicole Diem ~ Ceramics; Lenora Kandiner ~ Polymer Clay; Amanda Chappell ~ Pysanky; Wayne Werner ~ Professional Practices of the Business of Art

WEDNESDAY: Fiber & Wearable Art with Margery Erickson ~ Knitting and Kumihimo Braiding; Gayle Mathues ~ Needle Felting, Joanne Bast ~ Beaded Jewelry, Judy Schonebaum ~ Creating from Recycled Materials, Carly Miller ~ Hair Braiding

THURSDAY: Photography with Sue Bloom ~ iPhone Photography; Alexandra Lane ~ Photographic Storytelling

FRIDAY: Sakim and Dr. Robert Pullen ~ Southeastern Native American culture, traditions and dreams

WEEK 2 Artists

MONDAY: 2-Dimensional Art Forms with Lee Newman ~ Drawing; Susan Maseth ~ Watercolor Monoprints; Michael Seipp ~ Baltimore Screen Painting; Bobby Little Bear ~ Art Nouveau Illustration; Sue Bloom ~ iPhone Photography

TUESDAY: 3-Dimensional Art Forms with Jim Paulsen ~ Found Object Sculpture; Joel Proper and Kathryn Osgood ~ Metalsmithing Amulets; Andrew Sartorius ~ Ceramics; Sara Murphy ~ Fabric Jewelry and Sock Creatures; Kelsey Wailes ~ Polymer Creatures

WEDNESDAY: Fiber & Wearable Art with Lenora Kandiner ~ Needle Felting; Keith Taylor ~ Basketry; Joanne Bast ~ Beaded Jewelry; Carly Miller ~ Hair Braiding

THURSDAY: Traditional Skills with Nicholas Sironka ~ Classic Kenyan Batik; Kibibi Ajanku ~ West African Arts; Pun Plamondon ~ Native American Stories

FRIDAY: Ellen Elmes ~ Paintings Created During the Pandemic

WEEK 3 Artists

MONDAY: 2-Dimensional Art Forms with Janet Kozachek ~ Chinese Calligraphy; Linda Harrison-Parsons ~ Mixed Media; Kelsey Wailes ~ Colored Pencil Drawing

TUESDAY: 3-Dimensional and Wearable Art Forms with Gina Copanzzi ~ Metal Jewelry; Jennifer Riley ~ Beaded Jewelry; Keith Taylor ~ Shaker Tape Seat Weaving

WEDNESDAY: Fiber, Native American Culture, and Wearable Art with Gayle Mathues ~ Needle Felting; Nancy McKenzie ~ Knitting; Bobby Little Bear ~ Native American Culture; Katherine La Pietra ~ Masks and Hats

THURSDAY: Photography with Sasha Lane and Cary Wolfson

FRIDAY: Intergenerational Art with Baltimore-based Artists Edward Ghee and Phylicia Ghee


Something For Everyone

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