Gallery Talks

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Gallery Talks: Monday through Friday at 6:30 PM Eastern Time. FREE

WEek 1 & 2 virtual presentations will be streamed on the Common Ground on the Hill YouTube Channel HERE.

Week 3 IN-PERSON presentation at Rice Gallery, Peterson Hall, at McDaniel College. FREE - no registration required.

Facilitated by Visual Arts Director Linda Van Hart.

Visual artists include:

WEEK 1 Artists (VIRTUAL presentation)

MONDAY: 2-Dimensional Art Forms (Drawing) - artists Kelsey Wailes, Ken Ecker and John Hampshire

TUESDAY: 3-Dimensional Art Forms - artists Nicole Diem, Lenora Kandiner and Gina Copanzzi

WEDNESDAY: Fiber & Wearable Art  - artists Keith Taylor, Nancy McKenzie, Gayle Mathues, Joanne Bast, and Carly Miller

THURSDAY: 2-Dimensional Art Forms - artists Pat Brodowski, Bobby Little Bear and Alexandra Lane

FRIDAY: Southeastern Native American Muskogee (Creek) Culture, Traditions and Dreams with Sakim and Dr. Robert Pullen. The Muskogee (Creek) Nation, population 44,000 today, was the first major Native community to have contact with the settlers in what would become the United States. Pine Arbor Tribal Town (Pvlvcekola Etvlwv) has centuries of unbroken traditions and practices.

WEEK 2 Artists (Virtual presentation)

MONDAY: 2-Dimensional Art Forms - artists Lee Newman, Sue Maseth, Pat Brodowski and Michael Seipp

TUESDAY: 3-Dimensional Art Forms - artists Jim Paulsen, Nicole Diem, Trista Fedoruk and Kelsey Wailes

WEDNESDAY: Fiber & Wearable Art - artists Gayle Matheus, Keith Taylor, Joanne Bast, Katherine La Pietra and Judy Schonebaum

THURSDAY: iPhone Photography - artists Sue Bloom and Cary Wolfson

FRIDAY: Get a glimpse into the creative lives and traditional arts of 3 instructors from Week 3: Maasai Batik artist Sironka, dual citizen of Kenya and America; 6th generation Navajo Weaver Tyrrell Tapaha; and recipient of this year's Visual Arts and Crafts Award for Excellence in the Traditional Arts, social activist and Osage artist Anita Field.

WEEK 3 Artists (In-person ONLY)

NOTE: The Instructors Art Show is available for viewing in Rice Gallery, Peterson Hall, from 8:30 - 4:30 PM daily!

MONDAY: 2-Dimensional Art Forms - artists Sironka, Janet Kozachek, Carolyn Seabolt, Sasha Lane, Don Elmes, Cary Wolfson, Phil Grout, Pat Brodowski and Ellen Elmes

TUESDAY: 3-Dimensional Art Forms - artists Anita Fields, Jeremy Wright, Clifton Santiago, Adam Willie, Rich Ramirez, Ragtime, Sue Sachs, Kathryn Osgood, Joel Proper and Katherine LaPietra

WEDNESDAY: Fiber & Wearable Art - artists Tyrrell Tapaha, Mary Graham Grant, Sharon Schaefer, Gayle Mathues, Tatiana Rakhmanina and Mimi Hay

THURSDAY: Primitive and Native Skills (in The Grove) - artists Kirk Dreier, Shel Browder, Steve Mankowski, Ken Koons, Gwen Handler, Thomas Sterner and Kibibi Ajanku

FRIDAY: STUDENT ART SHOW (The Studio) - See the art creations by students in this week's Visual Arts classes!


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