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Born and raised in Tahlequah, Oklahoma, Lillie Vann emerges as a Cherokee potter, carrying forth a legacy rooted in the heart of Cherokee Nation. Guided by the skilled hands of her remarkable mentor and grandmother, the renowned Cherokee Pottery artist Jane Osti, Lillie found her artistic calling within the sacred tradition of Cherokee pottery. The artistry that flows through her hands today is a testament to the wisdom, skill, and passion passed down from her grandmother. In the footsteps of Jane Osti, Lillie not only embraced the techniques but also imbibed the cultural significance embedded within each vessel.

Lillie's artistic journey gained recognition early on. Ribbons adorned her creations at prestigious events like the Cherokee Art Market, the Cherokee National Holiday Show, and the Santa Fe Indian Market. In her pursuit of excellence, Lillie sought additional wisdom from Cherokee National Treasure, Troy Jackson, enriching her repertoire with diverse perspectives and techniques.

Lillie Vann envisions not just preserving, but expanding the tradition entrusted to her by her grandmother. Her pottery is a dance between tradition and innovation, where ancestral techniques meet the pulse of contemporary creativity. With each piece, she breathes life into clay, echoing the stories of her people and the vibrant culture of the Cherokee Nation.

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