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Melinda Byrd was born into a rya rug family. She learned from her grandparents in Massachusetts who imported Scandinavian rya yarn, woven backings, and kits in the “midcentury modern” era when Scandinavian design was “hot” in the USA. In March 2020, after 9 years of researching and writing, Melinda published her highly acclaimed book: RYA RUGS—Design and Make Your Own. It was not the best time to release and promote a book! Her class provides much of the same knowledge in the 5-day course. Melinda is generally recognized as the go-to person in the US and Canada regarding hand knotting ryas. She is passionate and enthusiastic about sharing everything she knows on the subject.  She has helped hundreds of people design and make their own ryas!  A google search on the subject will reveal that her presence is far and wide.

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