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Karin Walkingstick’s foray into professional artmaking occurred later in life than it does for many artists. A citizen of the Cherokee Nation, Walkingstick has had a passion for art and creative expression since a young age, however, it was not until after raising a family that, in 2013, she found the time in her schedule to venture into a pottery class taught by Cherokee National Treasure Jane Osti. There, she discovered a joy of working with clay that the artist says altered her life.

In an artistic career spanning less than 10 years, Walkingstick has already garnered numerous honors, including first place in contemporary pottery at the Red Earth Festival and first place in the Emerging Artist and People’s Choice categories at a show presented by the Cherokee Heritage Center. She has been a consistent participant in regional markets and exhibitions, and she recently opened her own studio in Claremore.

In creating her pottery, Walkingstick uses methods handed down through generations of artists, employing Southeastern design elements as she creates one-of-a-kind works that force her to challenge and expand on her creative sensibilities in new directions.

Her methods now include the addition of color using masonry dyes in clay slip applied directly on the surface. She uses commercial clay fired in a kiln, open ground, or over wood, and her pieces are hand-coiled and finished with stone burnishing to ensure strength and a smooth surface. This change of direction illustrated in a career that quickly advanced has earned Walkingstick commercial and critical success in her practice.

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