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A free-lancer, seeking teaching experience; I am a producer and performer of film, photography and spoken word, known as Martial Davis using the moniker, “Longma”. My appreciation for the arts was cultivated at an early age in a family of storytellers, actors, scholars, and performers. My professional experiences include producing performance show cases with Clark Clark’s, Sistahs Black Like Me, and acting in the off-Broadway play, Turn-style Warrior, directed by Ina Norris. I won the Best Silent Short of the Kwanzaa Film Festival of 2023.

A composer and songwriter, who recognizes the importance of self-expression, I believe that poetry and spoken word are effective means of teaching critical thinking, vocabulary building, and developing confidence for other areas of life. Mr. Obiodun Oyewole of the celebrated group The Last Poets was one of my mentors.

For over a decade I’ve performed with various experimental music and blues bands and written and recorded my own music, including an EP (extended play), entitled, Longma Presents, I Need A Band (available on Spotify).  My photography and videography company, Messy Room Productions, Inc., has shot the music videos and photographic stills for rock musician, Madame St. Beatrice; two-times Grammy nominated acoustic blues guitarist, Guy Davis; and Grammy Award winner, R&B/disco music singer, Evelyn “Champagne” King. I studied film making and directing at New York City’s Digital Film Academy.


Producer/Director, Longma: “Bae Blade”

Videographer and Co-director: Guy Davis, “God's Gonna Make Things Over” MCRecordsNY


Madame St. Beatrice, “Lost in Confusion”

Madame St. Beatrice, “Enterlude/Life Without You”

Madame St. Beatrice, “Ever Should She Speak”


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