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Andy Cohen has spent his life studying blues in general, and the lives of bluesmen and women in particular, not just their music. In his career, he was able to get up with, and sometimes perform with, Jim Brewer, Dan Smith, Daniel Womack, Rev. Gary Davis, John Jackson, Libba Cotten, Etta Baker, John Cephas, Archie Edwards, Honeyboy Edwards, Algia Mae Hinton, Bessie Jones, Ted Bogan, Howard Armstrong, Pigmeat Jarrett, Big Joe Duskin and a couple dozen other blues people. For whatever it's worth, Andy has been cited several times for his work in various aspects of Blues and Gospel music: The Autoharp Hall of Fame inducted him for his work with the Washington Phillips material on the Dolceola; The Pinewoods Club of New York gave him the Eisteddfod Award for promoting traditional music; and Folk Alliance Region Midwest ('FARM') recently gave him their Lantern Bearer's Award for being an advocate of active collecting and promotion of 'native speaking' performers within the Folk Revival. He has taught at most of the major teaching camps, including Common Ground, Port Townsend, Elkins and Pinewoods, each of them several times.

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