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Niccolo Seligmann (they/them) is a performer, improviser/composer, arranger, producer, and educator with a special focus on performing historical musics. They play over twenty acoustic instruments from around the world and design their own software instruments. You can hear them perform on viola da gamba, vielle, and more on the soundtracks of the PC game Civilization VI and 2017 feature film Papillon. As a 2020 Strathmore Artist-in-Residence, Niccolo released their debut solo album, Kinship, which expresses multispecies resistance to the Anthropocene. Niccolo is a member of medieval ensembles Alkemie, The Broken Consort, Hesperus, and many others. They have performed across North American and Europe, fondly recalling concerts at the Kennedy Center, in a bustling plaza in Nogales, Mexico, and inside a 2,000-year-old Northern California redwood tree. They hold a degree in viola da gamba performance from the Peabody Conservatory of the Johns Hopkins University and have been focusing on YouTube, Patreon, and social media presence since the pandemic began.

See Niccolo's videos, below!

J'ay prins amours was a megahit of the 1400s, adapted into countless versions. For this vielle (medieval fiddle) solo, I'm using an experimental tuning to play two independent voices at the same time. Read the caption on the video for how this tuning relates to the banjo!

Non formo Cristi, here played on a medieval keyed fiddle built by Ken Koons, hides the name of the composer's lover in the text. Read the caption on the video for a more in-depth queer analysis of this technique!

Qui Lazarum is from an English psalm book from the 1300s, currently housed in Baltimore's own Walters Art Museum! This video is the first modern performance of any of the music from this source. Subscribe to my YouTube channel to see more videos of modern premieres of music from our hometown medieval manuscript!

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