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Niccolo Seligmann (they/them) is currently the most widely-heard medieval fiddler in the world, featured in soundtracks from Netflix’s The Witcher, AppleTV’s The Changeling, Firaxis Games’ Civilization VI, Obsidian Entertainment’s Pentiment, and many more big-budget and indie games, film, and streaming series. Niccolo’s opera & live theatre music includes Julie Monster: A Queer Baroque Opera, An Iliad, Minerva: Times Change, and a full-length electronic dance remix of Dave Malloy’s Ghost Quartet. They perform diverse genres nationally with early & traditional music ensembles Alkemie, The Broken Consort, Concordian Dawn, Eya, Hesperus, Washington Bach Consort, and Wherligig. When not touring with their ensembles or recording soundtracks, Niccolo can be found gleefully recording harsh noise, lo-fi dance music, glitchcore, and drone metal in their home studio in the forests of central Maryland. They hold a B.M. in Viola da gamba Performance from Peabody Institute of Johns Hopkins University.

photo credit Anja Schutz 2023

See Niccolo's videos below:

J'ay prins amours was a megahit of the 1400s, adapted into countless versions. For this vielle (medieval fiddle) solo, I'm using an experimental tuning to play two independent voices at the same time. Read the caption on the video for how this tuning relates to the banjo!

Non formo Cristi, here played on a medieval keyed fiddle built by Ken Koons, hides the name of the composer's lover in the text. Read the caption on the video for a more in-depth queer analysis of this technique!

Qui Lazarum is from an English psalm book from the 1300s, currently housed in Baltimore's own Walters Art Museum! This video is the first modern performance of any of the music from this source. Subscribe to my YouTube channel to see more videos of modern premieres of music from our hometown medieval manuscript!

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