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Wayne Morrison plays the English concertina, the Highland bagpipe, and the quieter Shuttle Pipes.  In the classical world, he also has played trombone for the McDaniel College concert band.  He plays and sings with Jo Morrison in Port Righ, which specializes in Scottish music with harp, bagpipe, concertina, and voice.  Wayne spends his days as a software developer for network devices.  With Port Righ, he has played at locations such as the Library of Congress, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, Norway, and various Scottish and music festivals around the United States.  Wayne has been interested in food for most of his life.  He started learning to cook before he was 10, and was cooking for friends and family by the time he was 20.  Wayne has an interest in learning cooking methods and dishes from various traditions and regions around the world.  He enjoys find ways to adapt recipes to fit the tastes of those he's cooking for.

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