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Sam Hatch bought his first banjo during his gap year in Alaska. About 6 months later as a freshman at Berea College, he decided to get serious about playing old-time banjo. He's been playing since 2017 and utilizes multiple styles when he plays. He credits Grandpa Jones, Ola Belle Reed, and Ralph Stanley as some of his first and most influential banjo role-models. Sam has been active in the Duluth, MN music community since moving there in 2022. He won first place in the Deer Creek Fiddlers’ Convention banjo contest in 2023.

Sam learned the basics of brewing with his dad while in high school. While he currently isn't an active brewer at his residence in Minnesota, he enjoys brewing with his dad when he visits. While in college, he introduced multiple friends to brewing and helped them with their first brews. He says the look on his friends faces when they first tried the beer they made together was as good as the beer itself!

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