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Slim Harrison is a full-time Artist in Residence with the MD & PA Arts Councils and a Master Artist with the Wolf Trap Institute. Slim has performed with Pete Seeger, Cesar Chavez, Bud & Ola Belle Reed, John Jackson, Patsy Montana, Blind Rev. Pearly Brown, and numerous others at festivals, hoedowns & street corners. Slim is the founder of the Barnstormers, Piney Mountain String Band and the Sunnyland Skiffle Band and has called dances or played with countless bands including the Corndodgers, Jolly Joe’s Jugband, Double Decker Stringband, Sassafras Jugband,  Sunshine Skiffle Band, Fennig’s All Stars & even Ralph Stanley’s Clinch Mountain Boys. Slim builds banjos & dulcimers in his workshop at Sugartree Farm & leads workshops with children and adults making everything from whammy-diddles & stomper-doodles to dulcimers & banjos. Slim performs on fiddle, autoharp, Mt. banjo, mountain & hammered dulcimer, mandolin, 6 & 12 string guitar, resophonic guitar, harmonica, mouthbow, jaws harp, jug, skiffleboard, washtub bass, spoons and his one-of-a-kind “Kazoozafone.”

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