Southwest Mosaics w Lalo Carrera

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Southwest Mosaics w Lalo Carrera

Learn mosaic techniques while creating a piece inspired by designs of the Sonoran Desert.

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9:00 am
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10:30 am
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Bring your own tiles and ceramics pieces to create a Mexican style piece of art. Use the vibrant colors of the southwest and Mexico in your work. Learn how to carefully cut and secure tile pieces. Enjoy this class, led by an artist originally from Mexico who is now living and working in the United States!

Class limit: 15 students, ages 18 and up

Materials fee: $50 covers all the grout, glue, tools, and a wide variety of pieces to put into your mosaics

Students should bring

  • work apron
  • safety glasses
  • snug fitting gloves
  • an item to cover with mosaics: a small end table or coffee table, a sign, picture frame, a piece of wood to eventually hang from the wall etc. Any small item you would like to cover in mosaics.
  • broken dishes, pottery, tiles, bits of colored glass or anything you would like to incorporate into your mosaics.


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