Soldering Bootcamp w B Bayne & W Werner

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Soldering Bootcamp w B Bayne & W Werner

Calling all metals artists: learn or improve your soldering skills!

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4:00 pm
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This is a short intensive workshop focused on learning or improving your soldering skills.

There are absolute facts like melting points that demand strict attention to detail and adherence to specific protocol in order for your fabrication creativity to flow seamlessly from inspiration to finished piece of metalwork. Treat yourself to the instruction of two masters of this craft to pick their brains about best practices in joining metals through hot connections using both Acetylene and Oxi Acetylene torches. While practicing exact techniques you may be inspired to finish actual designs, but the focus of this class is on catapulting your soldering skills to new heights! Examples of student projects might be a pair of sweat soldered earrings or a ring with sweat soldered elements.

Instructors will do three or four demos and allow the remainder of the class time for working. If you have a project that you’re struggling to solder, please feel free to bring it.

8 students, ages 16 and up

Lab Fee: $10 cash or check paid  to Common Ground on The Hill for consumables including torches, chemicals, polishing supplies

Matierals Fee: $10 - $30

Includes ss earring posts and ear wires, sheet solder, sandpaper, copper, brass and bronze sheet and wire. Sterling available for purchase

Materials Student Should Bring:

Students should bring any jewelry tools they may have and any metal appropriate for metalsmithing.


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Schedule a week or two, or three! Or, just sprinkle some classes in between other commitments.

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