Silkscreen Printing from Chinese Papercut Patterns with Irene Chan

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Silkscreen Printing from Chinese Papercut Patterns with Irene Chan

Create a papercutting design and apply it as a template onto silkscreens to print in colors.

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This silkscreen printing and papercutting workshop explores the connection between art and the everyday through the Chinese philosophy Taoism: the ancestral influence of Japanese Zen. After discussions, we will experience some of the principles through image inspiration from Chinese papercutting. We will create our own designs, then apply them as templates onto silkscreens to print in colors and multiples. Come away with this collection set of printed papers with ideas and skills to make future prints. All skill levels are welcome.

Limit: 6 students, ages 18 and up

McDaniel Lab fee: $5

Materials fee of $65 includes:

  • Silkscreen supplies and equipment
  • Paper (printmaking paper, drawing paper, Strathmore color paper, newsprint)
  • Speedball textile silkscreen ink
  • Tools/Supplies (X-Acto knife with extra blades, blue painter's tape, Magic Erasers)

Students should bring:

  • A pair of scissors
  • Any papers you would like to print on (color paper is nice). Do NOT bring construction paper.
  • Optional: 1 yard or more of Kona Cotton or Quilting Cotton (solid color, NO prints to print on). Can also bring fabric remnants or all cotton t-shirt.

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