Plein Air Painting with Pat Brodowski

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Plein Air Painting with Pat Brodowski

Learn to paint in the great outdoors!

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Plein Air Painting means the outdoors becomes an exciting studio as we learn beginning techniques for interpreting the landscape with brush and knife. We will compose paintings by studying color and value, and interpret our excitement with painterly marks of energy and texture.Every day introduces new materials and ideas. We begin with two quick lessons, one on prep and then the day’s topic. Everyone paints until the last 15minutes, when we discuss all of our paintings together. We will have the highly popular optional nocturne or evening paintouts at the fountain. By the end ofc lass, you should have 5 to 7 paintings. If you’ve always wanted to try painting, and love being outdoors, this course is for you.Absolute beginners are welcome. If you enjoy painting and want to join us, please do. Returning students are welcome.

Class limit: 10 students, ages 16 and up

NOTE: Materials for painting are readily available online from Dick Blick, Jerry’s Artarama, and your local Michaels and Walmart stores. Contact the instructor with questions:

Materials Fee: $50 includes panels, brushes, solvent, gloves, pizza boxes, other tools and supplies used in class. Optional $50 for set of oil paints and cigar box pochade: if you do not have your own supplies, this is everything you need. Please inform the instructor by email prior to class if you need a set of paints

Students should bring:

  • A light-weight portable easel and oil paints, brushes, etc, packed up to be carried to the painting site. The lightest equipment is a photo tripod with quick-release mount to hold the pochade. Bring a folding chair if you like.
  • For nocturne painting, bring one or two clip-on book lights.
  • Bring an apron, hat, water bottle. S
  • tudents may bring oil paints or may purchase a set from the instructor. These colors are recommended: Large tube of Titanium White, smaller tubes of Ultramarine or Cobalt Blue, Manganese Blue, Yellow, Orange, Viridian, Diox Purple, Alizarin Crimson, Pyrrole Red, Burnt Sienna, Sap Green.


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