Penny Rugs: Tradition Meets Modernity w Loring Boglioli

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Penny Rugs: Tradition Meets Modernity w Loring Boglioli

Revive this 19th century ornament-making art form with contemporary methods!

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Participants will complete a set of six geometric and/or naturalistic holiday décor items ascending in difficulty from day one to day five. Working with instructor-curated kits and unlimited materials, this workshop stresses fundamental stitching techniques and the interrelationship between various fabrics, threads, and stitches associated with appliqued felt and wool textiles. Participants will complete up to six items during the workshop (depending on prior experience) and receive sufficient material to complete one additional item independently. Adaption of nineteenth century penny rugs with contemporary methods and course objective will be discussed.

10 students, ages 18 and up

Materials Fee: $50


  1. 2 pre-fabricated 3” dia. 3-layer textile stack mounted to 6” x 6” polyester felt
  2. Materials sufficient to complete 5/6 items
  3. 6 decorative elements (bell, button, beads)
  4. 1 large eye needle (more available to purchase if needed)
  5. 1 small eye needle
  6. 1 needle threader
  7. 1 thimble
  8. 6 metallic cord hanging loop
  9. Basting adhesive
  10. 2 skeins embroidery floss (students can trade colors with each other)
  11. 4 pieces 3” length crochet cotton (plus instructor supplied cords)
  12. Self-closing plastic bag (quart size)Student progress table work sheet

Students should bring: Sharp scissors, pencil, pen, notepad


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