Art and Nature with Mixed Mediums

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Art and Nature with Mixed Mediums

Explore drawing and painting nature using mediums including pastel, paint, charcoal and more

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This course will look at the influence of Nature on Art, in particular animals. What draws you to nature? We will explore animal expressions and learn step by step on how to break down the shapes of animals, the texture of feathers and fur. Looking at patterns in nature from pinecones to sunflowers, we will have opportunities to draw and paint every day. The use of many materials will be the option for this class. Layering colored pencil or pastel over watercolor. This class is great for advanced students but encourages those new to art.

Limit: 10 students, ages 16 and up

Materials Fee: $10 includes multiple types of paper for the class, use of pastels, charcoal pencils, watercolor crayons, pens, pencils, tracing paper, misc. supplies

Students should bring

  • beginner soft pastel set. Rembrandt or Dick Blick both are good brands to start with, you can purchase them online at: Local art supplies stores should carry Rembrant pastels. Also, Amazon has compatible pricing.
  • charcoal pencils B or HHB if you would like to work with them. General is good brand for black and white charcoal pencils, or other charcoal sticks.
  • any colored pencils are great such as Faber- Castell, Caran d’Ache or Prismacolors (this is an option, not a requirement)
  • kneading eraser

The instructor will provide white charcoal pencils to borrow during class. Pencils, kneaded eraser, and watercolors can be found in most art supply or office supply stores.

Optional: If you have watercolors, you can bring them.

Consider the related course Week 2, Periods 1 & 2 Earth Colors!


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