Native American Ceramics

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Native American Ceramics

Create a dream catcher, crafting beads and a hand worked form to be decorated with incised details.

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2:30 pm
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Student attention will be centered on Native American Ceramics when the instructor calls them to class with his flute. Early in the week students will make and decorate beads. At the end of the week these will be made into dream catchers. Students can choose to make a hollow sculpture or a hand formed vessel. After viewing instructor demonstrations and examples of both, students will wedge clay, and begin forming the animal of their choice. Students will incise, scribe and pierce details into the form to create fur and feathers as needed. These will be signed and carefully dried before firing. The instructor will talk about the importance and significance of dream catchers and tell stories while they are being formed.

Class limit: 10 students, ages 16 and up

Materials fee: $40 includes dream catcher frame, feathers, cord, 25 pounds of low fire terra cotta clay and some tools.

Students should bring:

  • Work apron
  • Paint brushes (optional)
  • Photos of your favorite animals
  • Charms, bones or feathers to incorporate into your dreamcatcher


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