Knitting Beyond the Basics w Kira Dulaney

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Knitting Beyond the Basics w Kira Dulaney

Expand your skills and explore what else knitting has to offer

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You know how to knit and purl, but what's next? Rather than knitting the same simple scarf over and over, expand your skills and explore what else knitting has to offer. You'll learn textured stitches, cables, lace, and colorwork in swatches with expert guidance. Then you’ll design and knit a hat in your choice of stitch, knitting in the round on both circular and double-pointed needles. We'll also cover fixing common mistakes, an indispensable skill to keep your projects on track.

Limit: 15 students, ages 10 and up

Materials Student Should Bring:

  • Total 200 grams aran or bulky weight yarn (3-4 stitches per inch) in at least two colors*
  • 16” circular knitting needles and set of four double-pointed needles in the recommended size for your yarn
  • stitch markers
  • darning needle


  • additional set of 16” circular knitting needles two sizes smaller than your main needle size to add ribbing to the bottom of your hat (the need for these will depend on the stitch pattern you choose).

*Small amounts of leftover yarn is okay for swatching, but you’ll need at least 100g of one yarn for the hat. Yarn that is smooth, lighter in color, and with some stretch will be the easiest to work with.


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