Irish Music: A Potted History of the Culture

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Irish Music: A Potted History of the Culture

A concise history course for teachers ( or anyone ! ) on Irish traditional music

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Steáfán has lectured all over the place at Universities and Celtic festivals and loves it! This is a great course to separate the shamrock beer and fake  leprechauns from the real  Irish tradition. It will be a  a light-hearted but informative class which will give you the confidence to be able to:

  • Examine and know  the main rhythms used: jigs, reels, hornpipes, polkas etc.
  • Understand the main song forms: ballads, sean nos , sea shanties, etc.
  • Figure out the differences between Uilleann pipes, Highland pipes, Northumbrian pipes and Mahogany gaspipes!

amongst many other aspects. Please look at the daily topics in the series:

Day 1 How did we get here ? Manuscripts to TicToc
The collectors the early history and importance of the Irish as exporters of culture

Day 2 Pineapples Apricots and Poodles.  
An overview of  the basic forms in Irish dance music: Jigs and reels  slow airs Hornpipes plus a look at Irish dance- Sean nos, Set dance, Step dance, Ceilidhi
-from crossroads to poodles.

Day 3 Bodhráns and buttons and bows.
The main instruments used in traditional Irish music  strings wind percussion

Day 4 Sing, Song, Sean
ballads Sean Nos  and Sea shanties

Day 5 Book book reddit!
The   important figures  musicians and singers in Irish Trad today
A selection of must listen or must have music and books


Something For Everyone

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