I Didn't Know My iPhone Could Do That! with Cary Wolfson

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I Didn't Know My iPhone Could Do That! with Cary Wolfson

Take your cell phone images beyond good photography and into the realm of fine art.

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The title of this class came from one of my students in a previous class. Learn not only how to take better photos, but how to edit them and even how to turn them into fine art — all with just your iPhone/iPad. Our ubiquitous cell phone cameras have come a long way since they were first introduced, and now there are countless apps available to increase your creative opportunities. We will start with a few photography basics and then take a deep dive into the free app, Snapseed, and will then touch on a few others. Depending on class interest, we can include a shooting field trip. You will finish up by entering your best images in the Common Ground student art show.

NOTE: Non-iPhone users are welcome, but the experience will be somewhat limited because some of the apps are iPhone-specific.] (Snapseed, however, works on both iOS and Android platforms.)

Limit: 10 students, ages 16 and up

Students should bring:

  • a cell phone/iPad with an installed copy of the Snapseed (free) app and iColorama, SuperimposeX, TouchRetouch (all available from the App Store).
  • Photos saved on a jump drive
  • Cash to print images
  • An open and inquiring mind (approximately $20)

Meet your instructor! This video, filmed in 2023, introduces you to instructor Cary Wolfson and the technique you will learn in his class!

REMINDER: This class runs from July 7-12, 2024.


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