The Indigo Dye Village with Kibibi Ajanku

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The Indigo Dye Village with Kibibi Ajanku

Learn natural indigo dyeing methods

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Explore the connections between Gullah Geechee traditions and traditional West African techniques through natural indigo dyeing methods. This course will explore traditional West African tie dye methods and wax resist methods as experienced in the Yoruba culture.

Beginners learn the art & culture of Indigo Dye. “Adire DyeResist”, also known as “Tie Dye” will be taught as a variety of pattern making techniques and used to transform the textiles of your choice.

Returning students can choose from the following options:

  • repeat favorite techniques on new garments to refresh their knowledge of the process
  • create a 2-dimensional collage of hand dyed indigo and up-cycled fabrics on canvas

Class limit: 10 students, ages 12 and up

Materials fee: $50 includes indigo dye vat components, dye resist supplies and/or textile collage supplies, use of indigo dye technique working tools and accessories, course text materials

Student should bring:

  • Apron (dye may ruin clothing and temporarily stain hands)
  • Additional natural fiber items to dye as desired (up to 5 lbs)

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