Make A Hat a Day with Katherine La Pietra

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Make A Hat a Day with Katherine La Pietra

Make a hat a day, from caps to tams.

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We will be making a hat a day (yes, we can, honestly). We will make 5 simple hats from ‘everyday’ items. (such as t-shirts and straw placemats). The instructor will provide patterns/methods. No previous sewing skill is necessary but having a sewing machine will make things faster (things can be done by hand sewing.) Students will be sent a specific list of supplies but start collecting things they already have around like t-shirts, felt, fleece/blankets, a round ‘straw’ placemat plus ribbons or whatever else strikes your fancy–almost anything can be used as trim. Returning students can choose to make new versions of the same patterns or let the instructor know ahead of time if you have a hat type request.

Limit 10 students, ages 12 (with permission) and up.

Student should have (Note: Thrift stores, garage sales and dollar stores encouraged, otherwise-any fabric store would have most of these supplies):

  • A round ‘straw’ placemat
  • ½ yard fleece or fleece throw blanket OR ½ yard felt, per hat for Days 2 & 3
  • a t-shirt (an old one is fine, graphics are fine)
  • a pillowcase or similar size fabric/cotton or cotton/poly
  • thread
  • fabric shears
  • pins
  • a cloth/plastic tape measure
  • marking pencils/chalk
  • hand needles
  • sewing machine (and related supplies)
  • Possibly interfacing
  • Possibly glue/glue gun in an ‘emergency.’

Optional decorations: flowers, ribbons, trim, buttons, etc.


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