Jewelry: Fiber and Funky Junque

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Jewelry: Fiber and Funky Junque

Create playful jewelry pieces

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The act of creating can heal and soothe the place inside us that words don't often reach. This class can help you develop skills to expand your creative process, while learning basic jewelry assembly techniques.

Treat yourself to delightful studio sessions each morning filled with playful exploring and assembling of diverse, unique materials. Create a series of unique and recycled pieces built with wire, beads, and found elements for body adornment or sculptural delight.  Explore through color studies to create statement pieces or thematic work. Do you quilt? Knit? Crochet? Felt? Find a way to incorporate your fiber passion into jewelry design.  And again, the act of creating itself can heal and soothe, this class can help you advance your skills for the creative process. A materials kit is available for $25. Please contact instructor upon registration to arrange purchase of the materials kit.

Limit 8 students, ages 16 and up.

Materials kit includes a Funky Junque supply kit to be sent before class starts. This includes jewelry hardware (earring wires, head pins, jump rings and clasps) and an assortment of wires for projects.  Various beads and recycled jewelry elements will be selected by instructor after phone interview with student for preferred colors and aesthetic choices. We will also each have a "Challenge Bag" with elements to be assembled and a collection of fibers for free spirit.

Materials Student Should Have:

Each student should create a home studio for the week with a large table or folding table that can be set up and left with work in progress ready when inspiration hits you.

  • A piece of cloth or placemat will keep beads from rolling loose.  
  • Please collect these things from around your home: pliers, wire cutters, permanent glue, glue gun, drawing materials for sketches, scissors, needle and thread, yarns, and scraps of fabric that appeal, colorful broken bits, or small treasures. Small containers to group themes as you work are helpful.
  • Jewelry pliers are good to have; they don't have teeth that mar the metal when you grip and turn.
  • A pair of round nose and flat nose are primarily what we use. Projects can be done with needle nose pliers if that's what you have.
  • You can also gather recycled elements from clothing or jewelry, fun bits of fiber or small broken items that need a new life, and beads or parts of projects that could be included in larger statement piece.


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