Fujara and Koncovka Overtone Flutes of Slovakia with Bob Rychlik

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Fujara and Koncovka Overtone Flutes of Slovakia with Bob Rychlik

Enter the magical world of the overtone flute!

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Week 1 (June 24-28) is all virtual on Zoom.

Week 2 (July 7-12) is in-person.

It's no wonder that overtone flutes (fujara and koncovka) are becoming popular world-wide. They are easy to play and have a magical voice! No music experience is necessary. It’s time to start playing the fujara or koncovka you might already have at home. If you wanted to take the class in the past, but couldn’t due to the distance to Maryland, USA, this is a unique opportunity to take the class from the comfort of your home anywhere in the world! Beginner and intermediate students learn together but will be separated in small groups as needed.

Start to play right away using tones of the overtone scale without any fingering, then gradually add more tones, effects, and even improvisation with “blue” tones. The short koncovka has no side holes while the long fujara has only 3 side holes, but both use the same overtone scale. You can learn to play both instruments or concentrate on one. On either instrument, after a couple of days, you can play Amazing Grace just by opening a single hole!


You can start to enjoy playing the overtone flute only minutes after taking it in your hands for the very first time! How many other melodic instruments are so easy to play? Even if you've never played a music instrument before, you can start right away just by blowing at different intensities and produce 8 different tones of the overtone scale - Taps is played this way. By opening a single hole, you can play simple songs such as Amazing Grace, and continue to open more holes and play songs which you already know well.


Both instruments have the diatonic scale in a range of 2 octaves, can play any kind of music, and are perfect for improvisation. Advance your skills by improving tone, extending range, adding effects, increasing repertoire in traditional and current music, learning to play in major and minor keys, learn to improvise and play the type of music you like. I’m looking forward to meeting you - let’s play!

NOTE: If you don’t have a fujara or koncovka, you can find one online. Contact the instructor for assistance in choosing the right instrument for you. fujara@gmail.com

If you take the class during the in-person Week 2 (July 2-7), plan on performing with me on stage on Friday!

I’m looking forward to meeting you - let’s play!


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