Egg Baskets Plus with Sharon Schaeffer

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Egg Baskets Plus with Sharon Schaeffer

Weave your own ribbed egg basket.

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Weave your own ribbed egg basket. Learn to weave a God’s eye, insert ribs, and basket shaping. There will be time in class to complete a second basket, either a melon using natural materials for the form or an 8” key basket designed to hang against a wall.

Students are encouraged to personalize their basket with colored reed and patterns of their choice. Dyed reed, seagrass, and other fibers may be woven into the baskets. Each basket will be unique and individualized. Please email the instructor at with any specific questions or concerns.

Weavers of all ability levels are welcome! Previous basket weaving experience is not required.

Limit: 12 students, ages 16 and up

Materials fee of $50 includes reed, handles, frame and a variety of weaving materials to create the baskets.

Students should bring:

  • Tub for water,
  • Hand towel
  • Scissors or reed clippers
  • Any other standard basket making supplies that they may already have

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