Bodhran (Irish Frame Drum) with Steafan Hannigan

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Bodhran (Irish Frame Drum) with Steafan Hannigan

The bodhran is the heartbeat of Celtic music. Polish your skills with renowned musician Steafan Hannigan.

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Renowned Irish musician Steafan Hannigan published The Bodhran Book in 1991, a primary and acclaimed resource for students of the Irish frame drum, which has made its way into sessions throughout the world.  Take this opportunity to learn from a true vine musician who has brought the bodhran forward to mass audiences and new musical genres. This class is recommended as an entry-level pathway but all levels of student are welcome. If you're a complete beginner we recommend also taking Bill Troxler’s Bodhran (Frame Drum) for Beginners class in Period 1. Steafan teaches 4 distinct styles: Double stick, Single stick, stick and loop, and Hand style. Steafan will show you how to hold the instrument correctly to develop the best sound and technique. If you're more experienced, he'll show you how to use rhythm, syncopation, ornamentation and skin tones to progress from traditional Celtic dance accompaniments to more contemporary sounds.

Day 1 Simple Reels    

Day 2 Simple Jigs

Day 3 Complex Reels and  Hornpipes

Day 4 Complex Jigs and Slip jigs

Day 5 Polkas, Mazurkas Marches Waltzes and recap

Audio music sheets / tab will be provided as downloads - but the book is pretty good too! Limited availability in the Common Ground Store.


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