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Elsie Wong is the daughter of Chinese immigrants. Her father, Wallace Lee, was a cook in a Chinese restaurant, while her mother, Mary(and all the children) ran a neighborhood laundry. One of the only Chinese families in Buffalo, NY, the children learned to rely on each other for support. Their parents worked hard, emphasizing the importance of education as a means to live the American dream in spite of the restrictions of poverty and racism. Mother Mary was named Buffalo's Mother of the Year, while each of the children went on to find success. Four of the five sons went on to become doctors. Homemade Chinese food was one of the ways the family bonded, and is still a key part of family gatherings. Elsie learned to cook from both of her parents, and now finds delight in sharing Chinese food traditions with her grandsons.

Elsie is married to Robert Wong, and they live in Baltimore, Maryland.

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