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Clifton Santiago is a sculptor living and working in York, PA. He has works in private collections in the US and Mexico, showing predominantly in Baltimore, DC and York. He has recently constructed a private studio in York, moving from a collective space there. As an active member of the York art community he has been involved in many community events. A varied life has influenced his sculpture. During his service in Navy Aviation stationed near Philadelphia he became aware of the work of George Nakashima, an extraordinary wood worker, which started an awareness of the possibilities of wood as a medium. Steel was the first medium but concrete, stone, wood as well as mixed media have all been used. Many of Clif's works have been completed in wood and polyester resins. His work examines the relationship of man with the environment as well as his relationship with machines. There is a juxtaposition of material, wood as an organic material representing mechanical structures while polyester resin, a non-organic material, is used to depict organic structure such as human form.

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