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Ollie Rigg is a 30-year-old musician who currently resides in Moniaive, South West Scotland. Playing since age 9, he has developed into a multi-instrumentalist capable of delivering powerful performances. That may sound a little intense, but that doesn’t mean this young dog hasn’t got a bundle of smiles and helpfulness. Ollie enjoys the rural parts of Scotland and has a deep (fried) love for cheese.

As a teenager, Ollie developed his competence on the highland bagpipes under the skilled tutors Roddy MacLeod MBE, John Mulhearn and John Wilson. These mentors helped the young piper collect prizes in the highland games across the west coast and islands of Scotland before he joined the Scottish Power Pipe Band in 2010. The Band consistently placed in the top 3 in the World Championships and gave numerous concerts to packed halls.

Folk music has remained at heart of Ollie’s repertoire, and broadening his abilities into the Uilleann Piping realm has seen further success. Forming a duo with Michael Muir called “Muckle Spree”, these lads proved that the former flatmates could not only provide entertaining concerts and ceilidhs, but also that they were fit to win the Danny Kyle Open Stage at Celtic Connections in January 2020. In spite of this edge, they actually prefer making things as fun as possible, rather than continuing one-up-man-ship, and recorded a rurally themed music video involving pipes, fiddles, guitars, quad bikes, sheep, tractors... you get the idea!

Watkin Lees and Ollie Rigg have also formed a close duo bond on Uilleann & Border Pipes, but also double Uilleann pipes. Their tunes are driving, their ornamentation tight. Rich harmonies show off both the instruments and the unity between this cross-generational pair. Their debut album together “Underarmed” will be available on Bandcamp, with some free downloads through Ollie’s website.

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