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Robert McLaughlin is a young American musician who has been studying Tuvan music for over a decade. Robert sings many of the styles of Tuvan throat singing or Khoomei. He makes and plays Tuvan instruments such as the two-stringed Igil fiddle, three-stringed Doshpuluur lute, four-stringed bowed Byzaanchy, Shoor flute, and Murgu overtone flute. In Tuva, Robert took part in the Dembildei throat singing competition in 2017 and won third place among ninety-one contestants. Robert also Performed with the bluegrass/Tuvan music fusion group The Lost Americans and won Audience Favorite. In 2018, Robert performed in the throat singing symposium Khoomei, the Cultural Phenomenon of the Peoples of Central Asia and won first diploma in the traditional solo category. Robert has performed at many venues such as the L2 Think Tank at the Morgan Library in New York City, Phoenicia Festival of the Voice, Carnegie Hall, and on the Nickelodeon game show Figure it Out. He has also shared the stage with the Tuvan folk ensemble Alash and folk metal group Tengger Cavalry.

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