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Franco Martino is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, songwriter, and music producer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. He's the guitarist of the Grammy-nominated band Che Apalache. This band fuses different types of traditional and modern music, from the Andes to the Appalachian Mountains.

Franco started playing music when he was 15 years old. Now 28, he has studied at a music school in Argentina, and continues to take workshops to broaden his skills.

His first instrument is the guitar (acoustic, classical and electric) although he also plays the mandolin, banjo, lap-steel, bass and drums.

He has formed several bands in Argentina, including Bajo Belgrano and Siempre Puente, with which he is now finishing a new album of original compositions. The songs mix poetry, urban beats, world music, Argentinian rhythms, music from Rio de la Plata like candombe and also pop, swing, old-time and folk. A highly versatile musician, Franco offers listeners and students the opportunity to explore many musical styles and traditions.

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