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Painter, Illustrator, Sculptor, Feather, Leather, Beading, Wood Working and Instructor.  Bobby completed her education at the Harrogate College of Arts in Harrogate, England at the age of 18, and went on to complete another B.A. at The University of Central Florida. She was an Art Director in Maryland including designing and fabricating museum quality exhibits. She served as Chairman of the Maryland Commission on Indian Affairs during her 6 year term.  Bobby has lectured on Native American Myths and Mythologies at such Institutions as the Pentagon, DOE, DOL, Andrews AFB, Ft. Belvoir, Colleges, Churches, Schools and Organizations. As a Native Dancer, she has taught Plains Style Buckskin, Traditional and Cloth Dresses and dance styles. Bobby organizes Pow Wows or facilitate as Head Staff. Today, Bobby lives in the Zuni Mountains of New Mexico, with the Bears, Elk and Big Cats. In addition to her Art, she is working with the Schools and Law Enforcement in Bullying Prevention and Crime Prevention, Adjunct Faculty at New Mexico State University, Business owner and enjoying family projects, like antique truck restoration, jewelry, wood carving and finding new challenges…all with a sense of humor.

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