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Mark Linkins studied various woodwind and stringed instruments as a child, including mandolin. Narrowing his focus on double bass, he attended the Philadelphia College of Performing Arts and studied with Philadelphia Orchestra bassist Neil Courtney. Mark has backed up a range of artists, including Bernadette Peters, Billy Eckstine, and Doc Gibbs. From 1983-2009, he performed with a Central Pennsylvania-based wedding band. Mark has since focused his musical efforts on the mandolin. Presently, he is one-half of Sycamore Muse, mandolin and guitar duo that performs for weddings and at restaurants throughout Philadelphia. Mark conducts the Philadelphia-based Munier Mandolin & Guitar Orchestra, the Baltimore Mandolin Orchestra, and the 100-member East Coast Mandolin Orchestra. He is the founder and director of the DelPhi Consort, a chamber ensemble that combines plucked string and reeded instruments. Mark is a prolific arranger and/composer of music for mandolin orchestras and ensembles.

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