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Born and raised in Stillwater, Oklahoma, Nokosee Fields began studying orchestral violin at a young age. The great nephew of celebrated Cherokee fiddler Sam O’Fields, Nokosee carries a longstanding Cherokee fiddling tradition into the present. After years of learning and performing Classical music. Nokosee has recently turned his attention to various forms of traditional American music, performing, teaching, and touring professionally. As a bassist, he tours with the Country band Western Centuries, as well as the old time band Steam Machine. A quest for balance shapes his work, whether he’s reconciling the weight of tradition with his creative impulses; challenging the demands and vacuity of colonialist, capitalist structures and systems with the richness of his experience and upbringing as a member of the Osage, Creek and Cherokee Nations; or simply anchoring the beat in the rhythmic push and pull of the multiple bands in which he works.

As a teacher, he has taught at the Augusta Heritage Center, tutored at Centrums festival of American fiddle tunes, and was the artist in residence for the Portland old-time gathering. He’s placed in numerous fiddle contests and most notably took first in the 2019 Appalachian String Band Festival fiddle competition.

Nokosee’s lengthy and diverse experience in the performing arts gives him a unique approach to creating, listening and facilitating music.

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