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Howie Bursen has been a professional winemaker for more than 40 years, His wines have won more than 500 medals in blind tastings!  He has done every single job in the winery, from “Cellar Rat” (cleaning tanks)  to Winemaker, to corporate officer. He is currently Winemaker at Sharpe Hill Vineyard, in Connecticut, where he produces about 150,000 bottles per year. Howie has agreed to teach the Wine Appreciation class during Traditions Week III this year. Aside from the fun of wine tasting, it’s sure to be a memorable class, with Howie giving a glimpse inside the wacky world of winemaking. If you are a Common Ground On The Hill veteran, Howie’s name will probably be familiar. He has taught Old-Time banjo and guitar classes here for more than twenty years.

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