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Pau Barjau is a multifaceted musician whose work has revolved around pushing the barriers of traditional music to bring them to new horizons. For this goal he focuses on banjo, although he's also proficient with the electric bass and guitar. He plays the banjo with the Grammy nominated band Che Apalache. Their first album Latingrass granted them some recognition in the US where the band toured for about three years before the live performances shutdown put a sudden pause to their touring work. The band's second album, Rearrange My Heart, was produced by Bela Fleck and earned them a Grammy nomination. Since then Pau has been working on further deepening the fusion of Latin American rhythms with Bluegrass, by visiting cultural centers around his native country of Mexico, in a mission to try to learn the plethora of traditional styles and genres that are still alive in the country and adapt them to the Banjo.

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