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Skip Anna has taught guitar, bass and other fretted string instruments full-time since 1971, and is the author of over 30 music instructional books, including guitar method and music theory books. As a composer, he has written a number of many classical guitar solos, and original folk, blues, and ragtime pieces, as well as ensemble music including a number of violin/guitar duets, five string quartets, two string trios, a string sextet and a brass quintet. Skip has played with the Jefferson Street Jug Band, performing with John Fahey at Lisner Auditorium in D.C., and at the Memphis Blues Festival, and played as lead guitar in a variety of professional hard rock, R & B, acid-rock, new wave, and outlaw country bands. He has also played various pick-up gigs and some professional recording sessions.

Skip has written a number of books on guitar and bass. Contact him for more information!


11-Volume “Full-Blast Take No Prisoners Guitar Method” (936 total pages – nearly a thousand

original songs & exercises)

7-Volume “Music Theory for the Guitarist” (742 total pages)

A Fingerstyle Primer” (66 “note-free” pages)

Fingerstyle Primer Song Supplement” (44 song arrangements songs – 54 pages)

4-Volume “Fingerstyle Guitar

Volume 1 (90 song arrangements – 86 pages)

Volume 2 (90 song arrangements – 82 pages)

Volume 3 (114 song arrangements – 104 pages)

Volume 4 (100 song arrangements – 102 pages)

“Writing a Solo Fingerstyle Guitar Arrangement” – Part 1 (58 pages)

4-Volume “Fingerstyle Christmas Guitar Folio”

Folio 1 - (51 song arrangements – 34 pages)

Folio 2 - (37 song arrangements – 32 pages)

Folio 3 - (41 song arrangements – 32 pages)

Folio 4 - (32 song arrangements, 40 pages)

Beginning Guitar” (in Tab) (67 songs – 66 pages)

A Flatpick Folio” (Notes & Tab’) (45 song arrangements – 66 pages)

Bass Guitar Books:

8-Volume “Full-Blast Take No Prisoners Bass Guitar Method” (660 total pages)

5-Volume “Music Theory for the Bass Guitarist” (534 total pages)

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