Wine Appreciation with Ami Gangemella

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Wine Appreciation with Ami Gangemella

Get to know different wines with Ami Gangemella, a Wine Educator who will help you step out of your comfort zone and taste wines from budget-friendly regions around the world.

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Looking for interesting and affordable wines beyond the common varietals? We will make wine more approachable and help you explore its great variety in a non-intimidating environment. Each class will profile a varietal and the traditions of winemakers in the Old and New Worlds, with a tasting of that varietal. In Europe, wine is usually consumed with food, and we will discuss simple ideas for what works together. Students will gain a basic appreciation of the diversity of styles around the world and have a practical guide for browsing store shelves or a restaurant list. A complete list of wine will be available prior to the start of class.

NOTE: Students MUST be age 21 or older to participate!

NOTE: A companion class with instructor Russ Lorber will be offered in Traditions Week 2.

Each class will cover:

  • Grape variety
  • Regions they are most popular
  • food and wine pairings
  • Wine appreciation step
  • Open conversation about what is in their glass
  • Questions
  • after each discussion, a list of extra resources will be sent

Students can purchase wine wherever available (local store or online) to meet their budgets.


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