Found Object Sculpture

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Found Object Sculpture

Take a journey through the art of assemblage and build-up as sculptural processes.

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This is a journey about re-purposing objects either for their inherent unique content or their visual form, or both. Work in relief or in the round, create art either in a shadow box format or as free-standing objects of furniture or sculpture, or develop tiny intimate objects. Students will explore the many ways of joining, including use of different glues, riveting, bolting, sewing, etc. Students will explore various joining techniques and methods of pulling disparate forms together into a unified object. Making stuff from found objects can be a great way to achieve beautiful or significant art forms with a minimum of costs. It is particularly good experience for a school or camp program operating with a low budget.

Works can be created from virtually any material or substance. The materials used may be re-purposed from objects that were made initially to serve some other function OR from raw material stock. Works can include objects carved, modeled, cast or constructed specifically for the assemblage. Works can be made from de-constructed functional objects. Works can end up as functional or non-functional.

Limit 10 students, ages 16 and above.

Materials needed (contact instructor with questions):

  • A good assortment of found objects of any material
  • A variety of joining materials such as glue, rivets, bolts, needles/thread, nails
  • Tools for manipulating objects.


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