Exquisite Eggs: Ukrainian Pysanky w Mandy Chappell

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Exquisite Eggs: Ukrainian Pysanky w Mandy Chappell

Explore the ancient and colorful art of decorating eggs with wax-resist method.

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Come explore this ancient and colorful art of decorating eggs and the rich symbolism behind the motifs. Eggs are not painted, but are dyed using a wax-resist method. Students will learn about the cultural origins of this art and folklore behind the intricate designs. Various designs will be demonstrated and discussed, ranging from basic to more detailed, and students will complete several eggs in class. Students will learn all of the steps to decorating beautiful pysanky so that they will be able to continue to practice this art at home. They will learn to write pysanky using beeswax and a traditional kistka, or writing tool. We will learn about the history of pysanky and several of the legends associated with it. Students will also have the opportunity to explore other egg decorating techniques from different regions of Ukraine and surrounding countries. Advanced or returning students will be encouraged and guided to develop their own motifs that incorporate significance to their own lives or their families. Students will leave with the supplies necessary to continue the art at home and create a new tradition within their own families.

Limit 10 students, ages 16 and up.

Materials fee of $25 includes egg blowing supplies, kistka (writing tools), beeswax, candles, egg stand, dyes, resource info, paper, gloves, pencils

Students should bring

  • a roll of absorbent paper towels
  • an egg carton
  • 4-6 clean white chicken eggs


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