Painterly Needle Felted Landscapes

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Painterly Needle Felted Landscapes

Make a needle felted piece to hang on the wall or embellish a garment. It's fast and fun!

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Painting with wool! Fun, fast, portable, two dimensional but with texture / relief aspects. Make work to hang on the wall or embellish a garment. Needle felting takes advantage of the microscopic scales on the surface of wool fibers and a special needle to push them into a background fabric.

Limit 12 students, ages 14 and up.

Students should have:

  • photos or other images for inspiration
  • felting needles in several sizes
  • a felting sponge or brush
  • wool roving or batts in colors of the student’s choice.
  • Students may choose to bring a garment which they would like to embellish with felting, or other natural fiber background materials.
  • Remnants of natural fiber yarn from knitting or crochet projects, or threads pulled from old garments can also be used where fine lines are needed.

Some sources for materials are


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