Masks and Mask Making

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Masks and Mask Making

Learn the history of face coverings and masks and create a variety of masks.

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Explore the history of face coverings and masks and the reasons and expressions behind them. Many Aboriginal cultures in the Americas, Africa and Asia have used masks for many reasons. European countries have created masks for celebration that mirror those of Mardi Gras and Carnivale! Even simple medical considerations have evolved from the Beak“ Death Mask” of the plague into the surgeon’s mask into the cloth masks we need to wear these days. We will also create different kinds of masks from Cultural style/Folk Art to Masquerade, Costume/Kids to Medical (useful for Covid) and a new expression, the Damselfrau’ type mask in the style of modern fiber artist Magnhild Kennedy. A materials list will be provided by the instructor.

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Limit 15 students, ages 14 and up

Materials Needed:

  • lace
  • feathers
  • acrylic/fabric paint
  • glue
  • sewing machine (optional)


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