Virtual Mandolin Orchestra: Bartok Workshop

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Virtual Mandolin Orchestra: Bartok Workshop

Available to mandolin and other string instruments during all three Traditions Weeks, class members will prepare and record Bartok's Romanian Folk Dances, to be presented at the Common Ground on the Hill Festival!

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4:00 pm
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This class is offered each week during the three weeks of Mandolins on the Hill. Students can enroll in one, two or three weeks. The Orchestra will prepare and record remotely Bartok's Romanian Folk Dances. Depending on the level of interest and playing level of the participants we may only record three of the dances or perhaps all six of them. The recording will be broadcast on YouTube at the conclusion of the three weeks at the CGOTH Festival on Sunday, July 18th.

Guitar and other string instruments are welcome.

Mandolin and other music faculty are invited to join this class.


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