Low Whistle with Steafan Hannigan

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Low Whistle with Steafan Hannigan

Steafan Hannigan will introduce you to the pleasures of the low whistle in Celtic music.

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Steafan is the author of the very popular The Low Whistle Book. Steafan will explain what  you need to know about playing the low whistle.

The workshop covers in detail: Buying  a low whistle, holding the instrument, how and where to breathe ornamentation, and selecting good tunes for it. There is also an important section of how to incorporate ornamentation. This workshop  can be taken by people that have never played the low whistle before.

Steafan covers the basics and moves on to explain Irish decorations in detail.

More advanced players will learn about ornamentation and rhythmic development techniques

Even if you already play the standard-size tin whistle, you will find this workshop useful in terms of detailed technique.

The more advanced class will take a couple of well known tunes and show the learner how to bring the ornamentation and breathing techniques to play

Tunes covered:

Day 1 Jigs  

Day 2 Reels  

Day 3 Slow airs  

Day 4 Slip jigs

Day 5 Hornpipes and wrap

The most common low whistle is the "Low D", pitched one octave below the traditional D whistle. Students can purchase a low whistle online.


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