Drawing as Mixed Media

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Drawing as Mixed Media

Learn drawing with markers, wet mediums, watercolors or ink using a brush to draw - and more

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Do you like to sketch, doodle, just draw? Want to take that to the next level and have lots of fun? This class will review drawing techniques and basics. Those basics will be applied to drawing with markers, wet mediums, watercolors or ink using a brush to draw. Using charcoal as a wet medium. Drawing with a stump or eraser using reductive and additive techniques. There are endless things to do in this class and ideas you can take with you to experiment outside of the classroom.

See article: https://www.artsy.net/series/trends-watch-2021/artsy-editorial-trends-watch-2021-colored-pencil-revival

Limit 10 students, age 15 and up.


  • Papers: Mixed media papers, watercolor paper hot and/or cold press, sketchbook/general drawing paper, newsprint and miscellaneous papers. Optional: canson pastel paper, toned or black paper.
  • Drawing board, kneaded eraser, watercolor brushes (round size 8 or 10 if you have them), drawing pencils (HB-B2-B4), small spray bottles for water & ink, old toothbrush.
  • Drawing pens (black, brown, and white, additional colors if you have them), small bottle of ink (black and/or brown), pastels (sticks and pencils), charcoal (sticks and pencils), watercolor paints, watercolor pencils or crayons if you have them.

The papers can be purchased in pads, 9X12” is a good size, feel free to work larger.

Note: All materials can be purchased online through Dick Blick or your favorite art supply store. Rembrandt starter set is a good beginner set, Dick Blick makes their own pastel set which is particularly good. General is the brand I use for charcoal pencils, which come in white and black has several harnesses. I use HB most often for drawing, B-2B-4B get softer and darker, good to have a variety for shading. India ink, walnut brown ink can be used to sketch with using pens but in this class, we will sketch using paint brushes and ink. There will be demo’s on alternative ink techniques. Drawing pen brands: ZIG, Faber Castell PITT, Pigma are a few that I use, 05 is good for fine line work.


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