Using Altered Digital Images as References for Drawing with John Hampshire

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Using Altered Digital Images as References for Drawing with John Hampshire

Learn to alter images using basic software such as Google Docs to clarify lighting, structure, form and space for use as a reference when drawing.

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The course will focus on using basic software/freeware, such as Word, Google Docs, or Google Picasa to alter digital images for purpose of clarifying lighting, structure, form, and space for use as a reference for drawing. While the subject matter may include still life, portraiture, landscape, or old master paintings, these methods and materials could apply to any subject matter.

Student will set up a drawing studio at home for the week: a spacious table or counter with an area for supplies.

Limit: 15 students, ages 15 and up

Students will need:

  • Pad or individual sheets of charcoal paper- either toned or white, 16x20” or 18x24”
  • Charcoal pencils
  • White charcoal pencils
  • Compressed charcoal sticks
  • Access to a laptop, computer or tablet


  • Set of grayscale soft pastels or charcoals
  • Set of colored soft pastels
  • Drawing supplies such as erasers, chamois clothes, spray fixative, drawing stompers
  • 19x 25” Foam core backing/drawing board larger than drawing paper

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