Traditions Week I: June 24 - June 29
ORIENTATION: Sunday, June 24 in Alumni Hall Theater
Including the DCBU Camp!

Traditions Week II: July 1 - 6
ORIENTATION: Sunday, July 2 in Alumni Hall Theater

Traditions Week III: July 8 - 13
ORIENTATION: Sunday, July 8 in Alumni Hall Theater

FestivalSaturday, July 14

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NOTE: 2018 Workshops will be announced in February.

Traditions Week I: June 25 - 30

ORIENTATION: Sunday, June 25 in Alumni Hall Theater
Including the DCBU Camp!

Traditions Week II: July 2 - 7
ORIENTATION: Sunday, July 2 in Alumni Hall Theater

Festival: Saturday, July 8

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View the Common Ground on the Hill Catalog as a PDF HERE.

~ FAQ Page ~

How do I see the Schedule-at-a-Glance for Traditions Week 2?

The Schedule-at-a-Glance is a 2-page PDF. Just scroll down to the second page to see Traditions Week 2.

When and where is on-campus registration & check-in?
Traditions Week 1:
Sunday 6/25: Gill Gymnasium Lobby 3:00-5:00pm
Monday 6/26: Hill Hall 7:45am-3:30pm

Traditions Week 2:
Sunday 7/2 Gill Gymnasium Lobby 3:00-5:00pm
Monday 7/3 Hill Hall 7:45am-3:30pm

See map below

What info do I need to know on arrival?

Click HERE for a printable PDF


Where do I go?

This map shows the most important locations you'll need to know.

Are Jams free and open to all?

No. You must sign up for the desired Jam class as a paid class.

How do I pay my materials fee?

Pay material fees directly to the instructor on the first day of class. 

Is there handicapped parking?

Yes, there are designated handicapped parking spaces in each parking lot on campus.

Are loaner instruments available?

Yes - limited numbers of selected instruments are available. All instruments are available on a first come, first served basis.

If instructor contact information is provided in the catalog, you may contact the instructor for further direction in obtaining an instrument for the class.

Can I switch classes once I've started?

Only in particular circumstances. If a change is absolutely necessary, contact the COMMON GROUND ONTHE HILL OFFICE. You may reach us at 410-857-2771 or by email at You will receive instructions in how to make the change.

Please DO NOT begin the new class until these steps have been taken!

Are instruments for sale at the Common Ground Store?

Yes. The following instruments will be available for sale at the Common Ground Store:

  • harmonicas
  • tin whistles
  • recorders
  • melodicas
  • washboards

If a class is 2 periods, do I have to attend both periods?

Yes.  Students must attend both periods of a 2-period class, as these classes are specifically designed to provide students the time to work on projects, learn and interact with the instructor. Students who do not attend both periods of a class deprive themselves of the full experience, as well as falling behind and causing disruption to the flow of the class. 

Can I earn free classes?

Yes - by becoming a volunteer! We love our volunteers! If you are interested, please fill see the volunteer application page HERE. Dorothy Scanlan, Volunteer Coordinator, will be back in touch to set up your schedule. 

Earn a free class by volunteering for 12 hours. Details are on the volunteer application page, above.

I want to sign up for a class that is full. How do I sign up for the waiting list?

Contact the Common Ground on the Hill office to request to be added to the waiting list for a class. Email us at with the name of the class and your contact information. In the meantime, we suggest that you sign up for an alternate class. 

I signed up for Level 1 Housing. What do I need to bring?

Level 1 Housing is dormitory-style rooms with a shared bathroom on the hall.

Each bedroom includes 2 beds, dressers, desks with built-in desk light, and a closet.

Unless you signed up for Linens, you will need to bring your own sheets, pillow case, and towel.

It is recommended that you bring something in which to carry toiletries.

I am staying in Level 2 Housing. What do I need to bring?

Level 2 Housing includes several bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, and small living area as part of a suite.

If you have not signed up for linens, you will need to bring your own, including sheets, pillow cases, and towels. 

Note that the kitchen includes a stove, microwave, and refrigerator, but pans, dishes and utensils are not included.

Bedrooms include bed(s), dresser, with and a desk with desk light built in, and a closet.

You will need to bring all toiletries and personal effects. Toilet paper is provided, but soap is not.

How do I check out and get my key deposit back?

Check out is from 7-10 AM on Saturday, outside Englar Dining Hall. You will receive your room deposit back when you return your key.

Failure to return your key by the scheduled time may result in loss of your room deposit.

Leaving on Friday? Return your key to Smith House by 10 PM on Friday. Smith House is just outside the Forum, where the Common Ground on the Hill Store is located. From the store, walk down the hill to the little white house. This is Smith House.


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